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In line with our sustainability values, we are committed to reducing unnecessary packaging and waste and are gradually removing secondary packaging from our Bruichladdich Distillery single malt releases.

At Bruichladdich distillery, we are familiar with pushing the boundaries. Our tenacity can be traced all the way back to our inception in 1881, but we are always looking to the future – focused on leaving a lasting, positive legacy.

It is this forward-looking attitude that influences everything we do, including how we consider our packaging.

When we place so much importance on provenance, community, sustainability and transparency, we need to look at packaging as an extension of these core values. Traditionally, as with most of the industry, our whisky comes with beautiful secondary packaging – with each bottle housed neatly inside a recyclable tin. But in our mission to use less and use better, we asked ourselves the question: does our whisky need a tin at all?


Building on our ‘One Tin Lighter’ initiative which has already seen us save nearly 5,000 tins through our online and distillery shop, we are removing outer packaging across our core single malt brands, starting with our heavily peated Port Charlotte.

When you buy from us directly online, we have also removed the option of choosing a secondary tin for most of our Bruichladdich releases and our Port Charlotte single malts.

Part of our long-term vision to be more sustainable across all processes, this decision eliminates unnecessary packaging - a move which will significantly reduce carbon emissions, weight and waste.

Removing the secondary packaging means less steel will be used in the production of outer tins. While tin plate is among the most widely recyclable materials, the decision to remove it completely will eliminate energy and emissions used in production and transportation.

Image of the new Bruichladdich Classic Laddie bottle being prepared in the bottling hall

The gradual removal of secondary packaging globally, starting with one of our core brands, is a bold step forward in the whisky industry. Not only the next natural step in our wider packaging and waste commitments, we join a small group of forward-thinking single malt whisky producers on this sustainable endeavour in a move that we hope others will follow.

Our aim is to one day remove all our tins. A convention challenging approach and one that we have already seen to be achievable if we start small - one tin at a time.

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