When we place so much importance on provenance, community, sustainability and transparency, we need to consider packaging as an extension of these core values.

Traditionally, as with most of the industry, our whisky comes with secondary packaging. All our single malts have been packaged in a recyclable, secondary steel tin with each glass bottle housed neatly inside.

In our mission to use less and use better, we asked ourselves the question: does our whisky need a tin at all?

Our ambition is to not only eradicate our waste to landfill but to use waste as a resource to the best of our ability and create circularity in our production lifecycle; implementing composting facilities, effluent management systems and improving our water management.

Our focus is two-fold: USE LESS - Reduce 100% unnecessary packaging and encourage our clients to refuse packaging where it is not needed.

USE BETTER - Ensure the materials we do use are recyclable or re-usable.


"Building on our ‘One Tin Lighter’ campaign, we are removing outer packaging across our core single malt brands, starting with our heavily peated Port Charlotte. Part of our long-term vision to be more sustainable across all processes, we have taken the decision to eliminate unnecessary packaging from the Port Charlotte range completely to significantly reduce carbon emissions, weight and waste.

Not only the next natural step in our wider packaging and waste commitments, removing the secondary packaging of one of our core brands is a bold step forward in the whisky industry. We join a small group of forward-thinking single malt whisky producers on this sustainable endeavour, in a move that we hope others will follow.

Our aim is to one day remove all secondary packaging across our single malts. A convention challenging approach which is no mean feat, but one that we have already seen to be achievable if we start small - one tin at a time.

We're pleased to say that this aim is already evident on our website, where the majority of our single malt releases are available to purchase without any secondary packaging. The option to add a tin will remain for a limited number of specific products for now but you are already part of a positive journey to use less but better.


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